Here’s some quick helpful info ✨
- ALL orders go through our website - www.thomasandcowholesale.com
*fill out application for access code
- Preorders are weekly and go Sunday to Sunday. Close Sunday at 10pm. TAT is 1-4 weeks, average is 2 weeks. We have a short drop on Saturdays we offer as well!
- Instock inventory is also on our website, ships same or next business day. These items are marked, RTS
- fyi, our website has NO MOQ.
However, we do offer our weekly preorders on faire also, but the MOQ is $400 due to high fees they carry. Here’s our shop, https://faire.com/direct/thomascowholesale
- Dropshipping is available with or without synclogic. For synclogic, search ‘synclogic’ in our fb group and you’ll see all info related to it
- Order questions or concerns, email info@thomasandcowholesale.com