Ordering Info for Thomas & Co


****FOR WHOLESALE PASSCODE - Email us at info@thomasandcowholesale.com

Important Days:

(((((((- WEEKLY PREORDER - Sundays - this is when we release our 20 items for our weekly preorder.  These items open and close on Sunday. This is your chance to order these items for a FAST TAT. We have a monthly collection(see below) that they will go in after Sundays, for any additional ordering once the week is over. 

SATURDAY SHORT DROP - this is your opportunity to have more items to run during the weekend to boost your algorithm. We will have preorder and RTS available for this drop. These items get listed on Saturday mornings and close on Sunday evenings. This is your chance to order these items for a FAST TAT. They will be moved to the monthly collection after Sunday. 

MID WEEK RTS DROP - these items are all RTS. They will ship same or next business day. After they sell out, they will be moved to the monthly collection where you have an opportunity to preorder them. )))))))))

*Monthly collection - these items are all preorder. This collection is available for anyone who preferred to run the items listed in the brackets above longer than the allotted time or missed the opportunity to order while they were available for fast tat but still wants them and is willing to wait. Chances are these items are in production and will have a longer tat compared to our standard*

PREORDER ITEMS WITH TAT OF 1-3 WEEKS are the items marked with a MONTH IN THE PRODUCT TITLE - example, 'floral dress feb,' 

RTS(ready to ship/instock) ITEMS these items ships same or next business day. These items have RTS in the product title - example 'floral dress RTS'

PREORDER ITEMS WITH LONGER TAT (2-5 weeks) - ITEMS MARKED WITH A 'LT' in the product title - example, 'floral dress - LT' - these are extended preorder options that may be in production. We have this option available for anyone who wishes to run a weekly item longer than allotted. 

Shipping price is calculated at checkout based on the weight of your items.
    We do not accept exchanges or returns. We do not give refunds. No returns due to wrong sizing. 
      Certain items may come in with slight color differences from photos - this is due to the variation of lights and screens. 
      No refunds will be given due to slight color differences. 
      Please always refer to size guides to confirm size!
      Route purchase protection is an option for insurance at checkout. It is your responsibility to add this to your order if you would like to purchase it.

      You may purchase items at any time. I place orders every few days.
      Photos will be listed in the Thomas & Co Facebook Group for you to use when running in your boutique group.